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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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year twenty four gene is good at that is the word and that's all the business is for this hour but of course i'll be back with more few very soon and you can always find more stories on our website that's r t dot com slash business.
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well welcome back to watching our team here's a look at the top stories extradited russian businessman victor boyd says he will not confess to crimes he didn't commit despite u.s. demands is charges include conspiring to kill americans and supplying arms to terrorist groups but was extradited from thailand after what russia has called unprecedented political pressure from the u.s. . shaky start the white house pushes for ratification of the arms reduction treaty between russia and u.s. amid strong opposition from republicans who are said to be trying to disrupt the deal it's quite and they are trying to score points against barack obama by
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boycotting his proposals. and rising tantrum roma gypsies say they're being outcast claiming european cars. these are using a fired against dr as an excuse to target them they're blaming their inability to integrate on nobody except thing them. global heavyweights have been working to find a remedy for the world's economic strife it forms in the far east but with no obvious solution on the table r.t. caught up with the author and journalist donald kirk to hear his views. how best to restructure global financial institutions like the world bank and the i.m.f. to better reflect today's economic landscape that's the challenge facing world leaders and businessmen and as tensions rise over the ongoing problem of the so-called currency war the related to see with global trade imbalances raising the
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risk of a move towards protectionism the pressure really is on to talk us through some of these challenges i'm not very p.c. i'm joined by correspondent from the christian science monitor. many thanks for being with us here on r.t. mr now we are in the midst of what's being dubbed a currency war with the u.s. and china really at loggerheads each accusing the other of currency manipulation you think there's a way out of this and well maybe a way out of it but i'm not guaranteeing or are certain that we're going to get out of it any time soon the g. twenty summit did not come out with any real consensus on currency balances they certainly came out with strong resolutions they said it's not good and they said volatility is not good and all this other stuff is not good but it is actually agree on a way to on the way to resolve it aside from recognizing the problem and saying yes
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let's try to resolve it and then of course there's also the. issue of global trade imbalances do you think the u.s. is justified in asking export having countries like china and germany to curb their reliance on exports in order to to rebalance trade and librium well you know i don't know if the u.s. is justified but i will say the u.s. has a terrific trade deficit and the trade deficit with china is just enormous you know it's like trying to export several times as much as the u.s. next. to china and so you know from a from an american point of view the u.s. has got to do something about this obviously the u.s. has to take care of a lot of domestic problems its own problems its own internal problems no doubt about that but they also have to lean on exports to raise the value of their currency to more realistic levels as president obama pointed out quite frankly in his press conference china intervenes heavily in the market to keep the you want to
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keep the renminbi that you won at a lower rate than it really should be so you know. the u.s. has to do something and they've got to they've got to improve domestically and they've got to try to improve they've got to try to slash. you know surpluses of other countries i can't blame the us for for behaving that way and we don't want of this squabbling going on they do you think that there really is a danger that countries might be considered local to their reign me if you'd like to see a protectionist policies i think there's a real danger of that and the danger is not just countries elsewhere around the world of the dangers of in the u.s. the american congress might get protectionist if this goes on they're not going to get protection is right away they're not going to get protectionist next year the next congress is not going to be protectionist but over the years protectionist sentiment could certainly build and finally the congress would say ok keep out all
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this foreign stuff you know that. all these imports i'm not saying that's good that that part is not good. in fact that's a real danger that's not a solution that's a danger but that could happen and also other countries could certainly respond with protectionist measures of their own a lot of countries already have protectionist measures one of one sort or another and where does all of that if you're a free trade something that wealthy disc consistently say that that committee but we see we've been told much for waves well i think free trade is. is in danger here . you know will we see a movie that's part of what this g. twenty was all about to encourage free trade to bring down some of the barriers to encourage countries to take a more open position and to do something about their overvalued their undervalued currency and so forth and you know that's that's what this kind of talk fest is all about but there is
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a danger free trade is that is in danger here and how would you gauge gloop reaction to that shock announcement we recently had from the federal reserve that it was going to impose on the second round of quantitative easing that six hundred billion dollars being pumped into the economy we have some partial christmas coming out from developing a call me saying that this seriously bored it could whomp their markets but also from countries like germany right right that was a shocker. the u.s. federal reserve announced that it was buying treasury bonds worth six hundred billion dollars and this was on top of the previous purchase of treasury bonds worth one point seven billion dollars this you know is an invitation for the u.s. to print ever more one hundred dollar bills i mean what do you pay for this stuff with you know you know pay for by writing a check you pay for it ultimately in the end you pay for it by cash and this cash starts hitting world markets some markets are more volatile than others and
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obviously it's going to have an effect that while the world responds now the u.s. response is we have to do something to improve our economy to overcome our deficits if our economy improves that means your economy will improve because we'll be doing more business you'll even be selling more stuff to the u.s. and will be buying more stuff from you so you know there are no doubt there are arguments pro and con but it was a shock and. you know there are some people who are not quite as critical to us as others but i don't recall anybody. us i don't recall anybody saying oh smart move i don't i don't think i don't think anybody said that there were some people who were not critical but they didn't they didn't they were not in favor either you know you mentioned that the relevance of the g twenty people here in seoul maybe felt disconnected towards the summit that they went excited about and said how relevant would you say that this group is today and and how united is it is there still
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a consensus do you think among its members to really change the world's financial system well they're desperately trying to give that impression i don't think there is a consensus but they're trying they're trying to give that impression and they're not united i mean twenty twenty countries with so many from so many different issues them so different parts of the world and so many concerns going to be united however one significant aspect of this g. twenty was that it gave more more say considerably more say the what are called emerging market countries led by china which is you know the biggest obviously the biggest one but also including such powers as india indonesia was here saudi arabia was your turkey was your you know there were a lot of countries that were represented here they weren't getting any kind of representation before. substantively in terms of real action not just talking the g. twenty did in-doors the move by the international monetary fund the i.m.f.
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to give greater quotas to china to india to other emerging market countries to give considerably greater quotas to those countries and also to give them two more board seats taking away two seats from european countries something that we didn't really hear much movement on is not only going to bates but the u.s. dollar as a reserve currency and america's management of it what do you think that it would take the leading countries to really begin multi-currency. well i think they may be on the way to that some people think you want. he might become you know a global currency if you were on the streets of america conducting interviews of people and you ask you know what i read in the n.b.a. is they wouldn't have a clue you know absolutely no clue and asked him what do you want to was they would know what you're talking about here i'm quite sure they would. they should know what british sterling is all about. you know
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a few other currencies they certainly heard of the japanese yen but you know as time goes on as the emerging market countries gain power and influence and as this part of the world soars economically you know not just china but korea you know japan they say is stagnant it was not really stagnant is a very productive country you know there's the g.d.p. is it may not be increasing as much as other countries but it's not going down either you know it's and it's a major world economic power so this part of the world. as it increases in importance is there is a chance of the dollar may and as the dollar and if the dollar deep freeze yes further there is a chance that other countries other currencies may soon may come to the fore and we'll have a multi currency system and i can't rule that out it's possible then maybe me probable. make that interesting suggestion we have to be from the wealth bank chief . so exhausting we. go with other potential and can't think i can't speak
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i think we've got to make way quite awhile for that to happen it's an interesting idea i enjoyed reading the article but. beyond that i'm not totally sure if it's ever going to happen or if it's just kind of a fun idea which was which he mooted and which we can all talk about but we don't have to take all that seriously many thanks for joining us here on a good to be with you thank you. my grandmother did not like we're going to become. she was afraid. and she was very good for me. she filled. our lives frankenstein's monster.
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extradited russian businessman victor boot says he will not confess to crimes he didn't commit the spied us demands charges include conspiring to kill americans and supplying arms to terrorist groups but was extradited from thailand after unprecedented political pressure from the u.s. . shaky start the white house pushes for ratification of an arms reduction treaty between russia and us and it's strong opposition from republicans who are said to be trying to disrupt the deal it's claimed they're trying to score points against barack obama by boycotting his proposals. and rising tantrum throwing. outcast claiming european countries are using
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a five i guess as an excuse to target them and they're blaming their inability to integrate on nobody accepting them. as we have eyes here in our sports next with mine. hello and welcome to sport on our t.v. with the latest from russia and around the globe i'm on call for evan let's start with our top stories in brief. home defeat russia stumbled against his former side as belgium win their international friendly two zero in the city all but on the. first win in five years danielle messi breaks argentina's losing streak against brazil in doha. and london calling fresh from winning the world championships russia's women's volleyball team targets olympic gold in twenties well. let's start
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with football words you can because russia losses form a side as belgium one two zero in an international friendly in vote on issues and richard von portly has all the details. russia's friendly with belgium was a historic moment for iran is located five hundred kilometers south of moscow it's the first time this city of just under a million inhabitants has ever hosted a full international match the reason peroni shooting this game is all part of russia's plan to host the two thousand and eighteen world cup with the national team playing matches around the country interests running his mind has been co-author with all tickets have been sold out weeks ago while there is a hotel room preparing for a lot of money and playing this match may go some way to easing the pain of a wrong is as if russia wins the right to host the two thousand and eighteen world cup the city won't be hosting any games the billions haven't had the best of preparations for the game they were due to arrive in brawn years and choose the evening but were unable to learn due to fog and only ride five hours before the
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game even the full said wasn't ideal we had and we hadn't slipped. into the tree in the morning so everything was was against us then later rival certainly didn't have the belgians as they would make an express starts after just two minutes visitors took the lead a seventeen year old role model took full advantage of a bad mistake by ego i can fear to score his first goal for his country and stunned the home fans. russia are enjoying plenty of possession but they were unable to turn this advantage into goals thursday a billionaire dino failed to make the most of a good opportunity on ninety minutes as he saw his curling shot go just wide and then midway through the half roman shishkin who was born in but on the issue and was making his first appearance of a national team in free and a half years stung the palms of chilled francoise gear bulging with content to play on the counter-attack and they could have doubled their lead two minutes before the half time break but who kaka was unable to find bailey who was totally armont
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russia continue to enjoy the lions share of possession of a second half and created a number of opportunities to wastefulness in front of goal was becoming a big problem for the home side don't some differing minutes for visitors would double the lead the impressive real kaka managed to hold of the challenge of debrett's and speak to us in pubs illegally before firing past the helpless i can think of but never a shoe of a mountain to climb but substitute alexander block out of kind of half the deficit but he blasted over wastefully as belgium would ease to a two no when. i don't know if they were any positives you know again today we haven't shown a good performance but still it was a big day for our own issue and me being a year or two we'll see a club from b.c.d. in the premier league who will listen some things we had chances but we didn't score probably because we like concentration it's an end of the season and we might be tired plus of course we committed to big mistakes in defense. i deserve one for
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belgium who got one over to cover the cats who quit the red devils in april after managing them for only six months we didn't talk much about him the less and less today but. in the it's always nice if you can win against a former coach and. ok this is not a disappointing end of the year for russia who finished two thousand and ten with the defeats however the experience of playing the wrong is was one of the few plus points as the crowd provided dick advocaat side with fantastic supply. well frank became richer bumppo free don't see their only issue. more international friendlies took place across the world on wednesday and let's go straight to their arabian peninsula and the south americans are by in doha barcelona striker lenell messi scored the only goal of the match against brazil well it's a start the song that's what it's our world player of the year dribble past three defenders before accurately placing the ball into the goalkeeper so far left corner brazil had plenty of chances of their role throughout the match all because the pleasing the v.i.p.
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guests. the win became argentina's first in six attempts against the fights are world champions. moving on to forge gold where world and european champion spain was thrashed by the hosts four zero the home side open the score shortly before the half time break through great individual skills by christian or an elder whose deflected shot was picked up by carlos mortons who blasted it into the net portugal doubled their lead just three minutes into the second period held their post single scored his first on the night after a brit low cross by nani less than twenty minutes later the same man found himself alone in front of the spanish goalkeeper to stretch the lead to three goals hugo all made it took full advantage of spain's depleted defense in injury time and made this war somewhat embarrassing for the world champions. and not the world cup finalists netherlands had better luck on wednesday against
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turkey led by the former russian coach guus hiddink also a dutchman by the way the match was decided in the second half after an error by the turkish defense as hedwig is my general valencia or the only goal of the game. meanwhile ahead of all those matches fi for release their new world rankings where russia have slipped down three places and dropped out of its ups and into thirteenth spot there are no changes in the senate where world and european champions spain are still leading bilis world cup winners of the net. legs are second with brazil in third there followed by germany argentina england while portugal and croatia while the chip have risen one place to capture ten spot also greece and norway are ahead of russia occupying eleventh and twelfth spots respectively but stick around because men are higher than two thousand and six world cup winners italy or fourteenth to russia's europe qualifying campaign group b. rivals slovakia are eighteen. now russia's women's volleyball team are setting their
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sights on gold at the big games in london after winning the world championships in japan and the last weekend's see russia one a thrilling final against brazil on sunday to clinch their second straight world title outs are winning all eleven games at the championships and russia as head coach of blood can admit their fans would expect is side to repeat the success in london in two thousand and twelve but he remains philosophical about it seems chances at the olympics. i would like people not to forget that these are sport and no one in sport can be guaranteed opponents will come out stronger in two years but we only think about weaning if any competition including their lympics. meanwhile all rush just once it's in the world and european champions that will take part in the next summer olympics were invited to the kremlin by president dmitry medvedev who admitted it taken him a while to get a medal count from this year after a series of good russian performances on the international circuit the russian
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president had been attending the g. twenty summit in japan while he was all the soul there and obviously he began his speech marking their performance which brought them back to back world championships at the weekend in two thousand and ten and russia won over seventy medals in numbers disciplines including gymnastics wrestling and swimming and present that if pushed them all more victories and the support of their fans. there is another very important part to success which is really talked about. but it's very important for any athlete and that is the fans. should not just be on the surface it should be based on trust be kind and considerable you might say no matter if the athlete with his or loses it happens to everyone but even politicians would. find that it would certain so the center with the first stage of the euro hawk it's war over the season has resumed and that's a little money the gores have extended their lead of the all that sable let's take
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a look at this in style by the russians says five nil on home ice elsewhere their work eight other games on. the winning goal in overtime as five four at home so that they had off going to the east also in the extra time to register five four when all their service died while looking at c. or second in the west last said bodies in a shoot out in the other games depending regular season champions you live salvi novel read in all thought but five goals two four do not want to keep a track served by single goal and route easy to solve a region side out flaws that hold everyone struggling sportstalk reduced to three one victory at that to make them finally defending champions came from three goals down to win six five at home to scott st petersburg and a shoot out. and that's all for right now join us again very soon or you can get an update on sport in russia and around the world at any time in our websites then artsy and enjoy thanks for watching.
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